Missouri deserves better than dial up Internet

Are you tired of dealing with the outdated dial-up Internet connection? If so, you are not alone. There are plenty of rural households spread throughout Missouri who want a faster Internet connection, but based on where their home is located, Internet and cable companies just are not willing to install the networking equipment out just to assist a handful of potential customers. To them, this is not a financially feasible service as it might cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars to do. So, outside of building up the local, rural community so there are thousands of homes (which you probably don’t want to do), what other options do you have? Truth be told, you only have one real option, but it is just as good as many of the other high-speed Internet connections: satellite Internet.

Missouri HughesNet Satellite Internet provides a much faster Internet connection than dial-up. Now, the actual speed is going to depend on where you are located in the state, but as it is considered a broadband service, also known as high-speed, you now have the ability to enjoy far superior Internet services.

If you have never seen the Missouri HughesNet satellite Internet service in action, you may wonder how exactly it works. Well, your computer connects to a unit that is inside of your home through the aid of a USB cable. The connector is then connected to a coaxial cable that runs to the satellite dish on the exterior of your home. In fact, it works similar to a traditional satellite television dish. The only difference is you receive an Internet signal and not a television signal.

Now, a great feature of satellite Internet over dial-up, outside of the speed, is you can configure a wireless Internet connection. This way, you can have a laptop or even a tablet or smartphone connect to the Internet signal without being required to plug into a connection. The modem receiver that connects to the satellite dish on the inside of your home can then be connected to a router, which creates the wireless signal. All of this can be set up for your home with the help of HughesNet.

If you have been looking for ways to improve upon your Internet connection speed and the content you can access on the Internet, satellite Internet might just be your answer in Missouri.

Apple Watch Expected to be Huge Success in Marketplace

Apple Trying to Court Developers to Maximize the Number of Apps on Their Watch

Apple is trying to get as many developers as possible to test and develop apps for their newly launched product, the Apple Watch. The reason behind this move is to increase the number of apps that will be on the Apple Watch when it is released and purchased by the “”first wave”” of consumers. The more apps that are available and functioning on the Apple Watch, the more consumers will go ahead and try the Apple Watch. Apple hopes that this move will help spur sales of the Apple Watch and blow away any competitors.

Apple recently sent out emails to hundreds of developers that a limited amount of Apple Watches are set aside especially for developers. In the email sent to the developers Apple said that the watches would be guaranteed to ship out by April 28th or sooner if the developer had registered on Apple’s development portal on Apple’s website by April 23. The watch that Apple has offered to developers in its special offer was an Apple Watch Sport which is the least expensive of the Apple Watch models and retails for about $349-$399 depending on the make.

If application developers and tests had failed to pre-order the watch directly from Apple and were not selected for the testing and development offer, then they would most likely have to wait until June or July to get their Apple Watches delivered. The special offer given to the developers has generated some consumer backlash. Apple responded to the backlash by saying the developers were selected randomly and to cover as many different types of app programs as possible for the Apple Watch.

The Three Different Makes of Apple Watches Available for Purchase

Now shifting gear from Apple trying to get as much developers as they can test and create apps for their new Apple Watch, to the actual product and its estimated sales. The Apple Watch comes in three different styles. The first style is the Apple Watch Sport, which is the least expensive. It retails for about $349-$399 and has an aluminum case. It comes with a variety of colorful bands, which can be customized to suit your taste. The Apple Watch Sport comes with a glass frame. The second make is the Apple Watch. It retails for about $549 to $1099. It features a stainless steel case, has sapphire glass, which is the most durable type of glass there is and comes in a variety of bands that can be customized. The third type of Apple Watch is the Apple Watch Edition. Its starting price is a whopping $10,000. It is made from 18 carat yellow or gold alloys, has a sapphire glass and is the high end version of the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch has officially been available for purchase online since April 24. Sales are expected to be in the millions of units sold. There are reports that several million watches have already been purchased, and that sales figures have been unreported. If these figures are indeed true, then the Apple Watch is sales wise, the most successful smart watch already.